Test Automation

There is a testing phase which can be costly when we develop applications.
This is because it's necessary to run tests repeatedly: running tests -> finding bugs -> fixing bugs -> re-running tests.
If a test can be efficiently automated, this can reduce costs and improve efficiency. 

Codeer.Friendly Download

Codeer.Friendly is a library for creating integration tests.
(The included tools can be useful, but these are only a bonus.)
It is currently designed for Windows Applications (Native, .NET forms, WPF, Store applications).
It can be used to start up a product process and run tests on it..
However, the way of operating the target program is different from conventional automated GUI tests (capture replay tool, etc.).

Features ...

· It can invoke all methods, properties, and fields.
 And it executes on a separate process.


· It can be used for small-scale integration tests and GUI tests.

Table of contents 

Friendly Fundamentals

GUI manipulation
(Pending translation)


!!new Friendly.UWP_α

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Demo of Friendly(short version)
Attach Visual Studio.

Demo of Friendly.
Friendly is library for windows app automation. 

Demo of Friendly for UWP.