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Represents the basic concepts of the Friendly operations for operating and testing applications. 

For Windows applications, it connects using the class defined as Codeer.Friendly.Windows.dll.
(For now, only Windows application can be targeted.)

In the future, for example, we hope to be able to create connection functionality for embedded applications and to operate them. 
That case would probably involve creating custom releases for each target product. 
In other words, tests could be created by using NUnit etc. in C#, connecting to the target device by USB communication etc. and operating the device that way.
If you are looking to make integrated tests for embedded devices, we may be able to help. Please let us know

But since this library itself is created with .Net, this library will provide more benefit to .Net applications than to others.

Class for manipulating applications to which Friendly can connect.
In an abstract class, and inherited classes are provided for each kind of connection.
It can declare variables and call static methods.

        Class for manipulating variables.

When the variable in application corresponds to repetition processing (in case of .Net, when IEnumerator is inherited), it it can repeat processing using foreach.

Although the application manipulation using AppFriend and AppVar is typically synchronous,
there can be cases when you would like to make it asynchronous.
This is a class for doing asynchronous operations.

It is used for passing information when instantiating an object of class in the target application using AppFriend's Dim method.

Used to call base class operations and resolve overloads when manipulating an application using AppFriend and AppVar.

It is a delegate accessed with the [] interface of AppFriend or AppVar during application operation.

Exception class that can be thrown during application manipulation.