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Defines classes for use in making DLLs to plug into TestAssistant's "generate code from interactions" feature.
Please refer to creating generators for information.
The following libraries have been generator-enabled and their code is freely available.
Please refer to them as examples.

Generator base class. 
All generators must inherit from this class.
If you define a child class and create a mapping to the target controls using the plugin XML format, the class will be instantiated in the target application and have Attach() called during the "generate code from interactions" operation.

Represents a set of items related to code generation. 
A sentence contains multiple tokens. 
Tokens are represented as objects, but you can use any class, value, or structure. 
The objects' ToString() values are treated as their code. 
However, a few types are treated as having special meaning: TokenAsyn, TokenName, and TokenSeparator

Asynchronous token. 

Name token. 

Separator token.

Options for the token.
Can specify whether to add commas before or after a token during code generation.

Debug mode.
Can be used when running tests with a generator.
Can also be used to force asynchronous mode.