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Sample codes are collected in reverse lookup. 
It is due to add one by one.

It's outline samples.
You can understand an outline. 

In fact, native window is displayed also by .Net.
It is the correspondence sample.

Native window operation samples
It's a native window operation sample.

It's samples of operation of native dll public functions.
It's high flexibility and  it's possible to operate finely for every application.

Native interface are not published with Dll functions but with other methods in the case of only tests.

Expansion by dll in the case of tests in native
Since there is no dynamic type information, when testing completely, the extension for a test will be required and will surely edit a product code.
But the native can divide tests code into another DLL in part, and can load and use only at the time of tests.
This is effective especially when the memory is dll share.

Theory about acquisition of window
Acquisition of Window and a GUI element has two or more ways.
That is because the best means changes with packaging methods of the target window.
Friendly supplies two or more means.
It is how to use it properly.